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The Poetry Universe Podcast : Episode 1 - Introduction

Hello and Welcome to The Poetry Universe!
This podcast is intended to bridge the gap between the
traditional literary world of poetry and the latest in cutting edge
social media platforms and web ...
film technologies.
I am Gil Rosado, your host and Visual Poet in residence and I
hope to engage your minds to think of poetry as the most
eclectic of arts.

I invite you to come seek your own truths on this journey into
poetic, philosophical and artistic dimensions yet to be.
We will have dialogues in multiple voices, visit with old poets,
new poets, and invoke muses when necessary. We will
engage in the latest of today's wars, critique the confines of
the ordinary and dead literary constraints all while soaring in
heights of the written word, the spoken word and all sound
and sights in-between.

Please don't forget to subscribe to my channel and to my audio podcast at the link below.
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