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Dark: A Visual Poem
Dark: A Visual Poem

Dark represents an experiment for me in that I used the graphic novel format for this work. I generated the images using a combination of AI image creators to see if I could make it work as intended. All the music, sounds and of course my poetry and my voices were all used to complete this work. I only used AI to prove to myself whether I could give the AI generators enough descriptive commands describing my intended characters, their posings, the scene/camera shots so that I could combine and animate them into my intended storyline. This was an excellent learning project for me but I will be adding my own graphic images and animations as well in my future creations. AI image generators can speed up the image creation process. However, a story will only come to life if the writer has a good command of his/her intended storyline, the intended camera angles and also has at least intermediate level video editing capabilities.

I recommend that all writers at least try their hand at using all the technological tools available to tell their stories. Such practice can help any writer to define and refine a story visually and it can sometimes create a stronger impression on the reader/viewer.

As I am also somewhat of a portrait and figurative artist, I will endeavor to add both my own images as well as some new animations I am creating with Moho Animation software to my future projects. For now, here is a link to “Dark”. Please watch, subscribe and hit “like” if you are intrigued by this content. Thanks very much for reading/watching!

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